Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Porch 2012

I mentioned that I would be reusing my fall décor so if you have been following my blog you may feel a déjà vu.  I did add some faux pumpkins and real pumpkins.  I think this year I will put some of the pumpkin seeds in my flower beds in the backyard and see if I can grow my own pumpkins for next year.  Those suckers are getting expensive. 


I used my chalkboard sign I made for the fall season 2 years ago.  It has held up well. 


I got a couple of mums from the grocery store and added one to one of the baskets I bought last year. 


My Autumn pillow I made is a bit water stained, but it is still doing well also.  I think this is it’s 3rd time on the porch for Fall. 


IMG_5742-1 copy

I added the ladder behind the bench this summer. 



I put a small twig wreath and 3 little pumpkins on it. 


I already showed you my wall metal container.


And my metal container by the door looks pretty much like last year.


I had to do a quick trim on the shrubs so my pumpkins would show up better.


One thing always leads to another.  Doesn’t it? 



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