Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Stuff I Want to Blog About

I am amazed at how easy it has been for me to not fret about blogging anymore.  If I have time I post and if I make a project I post.  I can remember a time where I would worry about having a project and go out and buy stuff to make a craft just to have something to blog about.  I did giveaways and loved seeing my number of followers grow.  I don’t regret blogging and all that I did, but my passion grew from projects to photography and that is why I seem to post more about photos and less about what I created.  My crafty side seems to come and go these days.  When it shows up and I have something to share I will be glad to do it.  I am so glad I kept my blog just for me and not for pay.  I feel comfortable that I can share what I want and when I want. 

For instance, I want to share for those of you that have cared about my friend Rosa with stage IV melanoma.  Her trial didn’t work and she feels as though her 2nd treatment option is not working either.  She is very weak and tired.  It makes me sad. 

My photography business is going slow and that is ok.  I still read and study all I can when I can to better myself.  I love learning and will always be inspired to improve.  I have become involved in several facebook groups and the information is priceless as well as the developing friendships. 

I started doing CrossFit.  I never have loved something that was so hard and expensive before.   All of my coworkers have decided to do it too.   I love the thought of all of us getting healthier and stronger together.  Some of us have already been doing some exercising and some of us have not done any in a long long time.  It will be so fun to watch us all grow in confidence and strength. 

I signed up for a 30 day improve photography online course.  I am already the first 3 days behind so I better go get caught up. 



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