Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rosa Update and a Little FYI

There are many sweet readers that have let me know how much they care about Rosa and wanted to be kept up to date on her cancer.  She went back to Maryland last week to see if her trial treatments were working.  Unfortunately, it appears it didn’t work.  She is in the hospital right now fighting an infection in the tumor under her arm.  She has another treatment choice that is fairly new.  Her doctor in her hometown wants her to build up her health a bit and then they are going to give it a try.  Keep praying for her. 

I still haven’t started my fall decorating yet.  We did have fall like temps and I have seen some pumpkins so I need to really soon. 

We went to the fair yesterday.  My husband and I had the most fun looking at al the chickens and roosters.  I never knew there were so many different kind.

IMG_4134-1-3 IMG_4135-1 IMG_4148-1

That last one on the end had some crazy feathers.  Sometimes my hair looks like that when I wake up in the mornings. 

I entered some of my photos in the professional category at the fair.  I won an honorable mention for this one.


I was pretty proud because there was some stiff competition.  I am definitely going to do it again next year.  My husband and I are taking a quick trip to Santa Fe for me to take pics for fun so maybe I will get a good shot for next year soon. 

After the fair my husband, Izzy and I took a ride in the convertible.  I got a cute photo of Izzy poking her head out of the side of the car. 


Speaking of Izzy the Thunder Shirt is working, but she is now taking our shoes outside when we are home.  It is such a good thing she is so cute and we forgive her. 



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