Sunday, July 15, 2012


I just felt like sharing a few things.  First I wanted to thank those of you that reached out and wanted to help my friend with her cancer battle.  I thought you might like to know they benefit raised $5000.  Her family is so cute and country.  I got a pic of them at the benefit and wanted to share. 

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See her dad’s Santa beard?  It’s about to be gone.  He has cancer too and is starting chemo on Monday.  My friend is the one on the top row with the white shirt and blonde hair.   Her parents were like my parents and her brothers and sister we like mine.  It felt good to spend some time with them. 

I read somewhere that the best camera is the one that is with you.  My camera is so big and bulky that I often leave it behind.  I usually use my 24-70mm lens so I decided to find a bag that I can carry as a purse and store my camera.  I guess I like rugged manly looking bags and I hate paying a ton of money for a purse so I found this on ebay.


A cool thing about this bag is the insert is removable, so it might work in another bag as well.



I think I will take the middle pads out and lay my camera with attached lens longwise in the purse.  There are plenty of outside pockets for my phone, keys, etc.  My wallet can probably can behind the removable insert.  I will know more when it comes in.  It’s called a BBK-3.  It is the midsize.  It’s coming from China so I may not have made a good purchase, but I am crossing my fingers that this will work. 

Speaking of needing your camera.  I asked my husband if he would take me for an overnight trip to Santa Fe, NM so I could walk around and take photos of all the unique and historic churches and buildings there.  He agreed.  It’s our first trip alone in over 12 years.  We are going in September.


I guess that is all for now. 



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