Friday, July 6, 2012

Colorado Summer 2012

We have been in the beautiful area of Gunnison, Almont and Crested Butte for over a week.  We go home tomorrow.  We were suppose to go home today, but I wasn’t ready to return to reality so we stayed an extra day.  It’s hard to leave this view.


The dogs went on vacation with us again.  It just doesn’t feel right if they aren’t around. Izzy loves to hike and walk across the rocks on the river.


We played in the river in Gunnison.  They have made a fun area where people and dogs can swim, sunbathe and kayak.  The dogs don’t kayak though.  At least I didn’t see any.  They love to play though.


David body surfed down the river.


And my husband fished.  This is a smaller fish that he caught, but I happened to have my camera when he got this Brown trout.


People also run, walk and bike in the area.


The river at our ranch has a ton of huge trout.  It is hard to pull my husband away.


He didn’t want to go to the Gunnison observatory because he didn’t want to miss an evening of fishing so David and I went and learned about the gas planets and saw Saturn in the big telescope.



I did my photography lesson on an early and cold morning.  I am using my camera entirely different that before and trying to practice my new way of shooting.  I did get a few great shots while on my lesson.



I always wanted to learn how to make water look like this.  Smile

We visited Lake Irvin area and Crested Butte.

Here are a couple of pretty views around the camp area of Lake Irvin.



There are 2 buildings I love in the town of Crested Butte.

One is called Izzy’s.  Can you find Izzy at Izzy’s?


And I love the license plate house and coffee shop next door.



The town has beautiful flowers everywhere, but it is so crowded.


We have had some fun family time.  My husband tried to teach my son to shuffle cards.


We viewed the Black Canyon.





I love seeing the wildlife and the domestic animals.


IMG_1319 copy

IMG_1382 copy



My favorite domestic animal is Izzy.  She has loved spending time with me.  This is how she acts when she sees me. 

IMG_1385 copy

My son learned to fish in ponds and the river.  This is a pretty little pond in Gunnison.


He thought he would try net fishing at one point. 


My husband is hardly seen without his pole.


We are all tired by the end of the day. 


Back to reality tomorrow.



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