Tuesday, March 13, 2012

“Enamel” Tag on a Wire Basket With Grapevine Balls and a Light

Phew.  What a long title.  I wasn’t sure how to label this post.  I thought of naming it “I copied a copier”, because I did.  My friend Korrie at Red Hen Home recently made some faux enamel stencils that you can see here.   She copied the idea from Suzanne at Meridian Road.  You can see her faux enamel tags here.   So I was feeling crafty and lonely Sunday, because my husband was at work and my son is on a week long school trip touring the Washington DC area. 

I finally finished painting my 3rd barstool that I started almost a year ago (here) and I made an enamel tag using Korrie’s ideas.  I put it on my wire basket that I filled with some grapevine balls, a leafy floral and a small light. 

20120313-IMG_8018 copy

I used scrapbook paper.  I think a cardboard tag would have worked better, but it was just for fun so it will do.  I like how the light brightens up my entryway. 


And the tag is just a fun bonus. 

What have you copied lately? 



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