Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bags of My Life

I looked up from the couch and noticed all the bags hanging from my bar stool.  As I was looking at them all I realized how these bags represent my life. 

I have my everyday handbag that I carry to keep my personal and necessary items close.


I have my work bag that I carry everyday to work.  I use it to  bring water, snacks, lunch and my organizer notebook in it. 


Then there’s my gym bag that I use to bring water, money, a towel,  and my Kindle or a book to read to the gym. 


I have several camera bags I use to store my camera and gear or to bring it when I take photos for people.


These bags pretty much sum up my current life.  I think your baggage changes as you change.  Years ago I would have added a diaper bag to the mix and I certainly didn’t own enough photography items to need a camera bag. 

Has the baggage changed in your life?  How many bags do you need to get you through each week?



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