Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anne Geddes I Am Not, But I Tried and Here’s What I Got

Does that sound a bit like Dr Seuss?  Friday I went to a Dr Seuss inspired nursery to try my hand at newborn photography.  I had mentioned to one of my patients that I wanted to attempt it and she agreed.   I told myself I was a natural and these photos would be so fantastic everyone would be swooning over them.  I thought I would show up and take my pics and an hour later my camera would be full of inspiration.  I was wrong!

I took more time to get ready for this learning experience than I ever have.  I read and studied newborn photography online. I bought blankets,crates, baskets, trifold poster boards to use as a backdrop, I ordered a knitted baby cocoon, etc. 

I showed up and 2 hours later the baby was still awake and upset.  I read that you should photograph newborns sleeping and naked.  This baby wouldn’t sleep and didn’t like naked. 

His momma tried really hard to help me.  She even feed him a supplement bottle.


Not long after the bottle feeding,  he pooped all over his daddy and himself while his daddy tried to get him to go to sleep.  This was after he peed everywhere when his clothes were removed. 

So he finally kind of went to sleep and we put him in my photo set up.  We tried to mold him like all the cute photos I saw on the internet.  Nope, he wasn’t having any of it and I was unsure of myself so I didn’t push it.  I decided to capture what I could.


I had a heating pad under the blanket, but he still looks cold and miserable. 



We tried another basket and pose.  I wanted his little hands under him.  Didn’t’ happen.  I am lucky to have gotten him on his belly.  Apparently he hates that position.



He kept waking up fussy so we tried this purple thing a relative had made for them and he was warm, snuggly, happy and hidden.



So we tried the cocoon I bought. 


That’s when I called it quits and decided he had had enough.  Another thing about newborns is they are splotchy, have baby acne and their skin is peeling.  Lots of touch ups are needed.

The thing I didn’t buy that I should have bought, is a knitted baby beanie.  I have wondered why most newborns are wearing beanies in their photos.  It is because they have big heads and it is hard to get a good angle where their head doesn’t look massive.  I photoshopped a beanie on Bray’s head to see if it would have helped me and I think it does help.



No hat.


What do you think?  Does the beanie help?

3 hours later, I don’t know if I was more relieved or more embarrassed when I found out that a real photographer was coming the next day to photograph Bray.  I felt bad for torturing their son and taking up so much of their day when they were already doing this again the next day, but I was also glad that they would be getting some good photos of their baby from someone that had done this before.  If you want to see how the professionals were  successful at getting him to pose and see the awesome nursery then go to their blog here.

Oh…I forgot to mention I even made Izzy practice newborn photography. 

I call the first one my centerfold shot.  Hehehe

20120301-IMG_3325-2 izzybox3 20120301-IMG_3332

I am suppose to try this again in June.  I will have a beanie ready and  hopefully more knowledge. 

I found these quotes on Pinterest that made me feel better.

fail1 fail4

fail3  fail2



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