Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vintage Crate aka Izzy’s Toy Box

Today my son and I had one of our dates on Route 66.  We ate at the Golden Light Café and then shopped at a couple of our favorite antique stores.  I found a crate I fell in love with along with a small metal chalkboard.  I want to use them for some photo shoots in the future, but I also thought it would make a great toy box for my dog Izzy.  She has been eating pieces off of her wicker basket so it needed replaced. 

I love love love this crate. 


I used a thumb tack to attach the cool chalkboard to the crate from the inside.


I think what made me fall in love with my crate is the nails.  I love old nails and wood with patina.



Izzy isn’t too sure about reaching into her new box to get her toys but she can do it.




I love when I find old pieces that draw  me in and beg me to take them home.  Especially when they work out as well or better than I had planned in my head.



I don’t think I will mind picking up her toys and putting them away because I really like looking at this crate.  Problem is I put them away and she usually takes them right back out. 


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