Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chalkboard Closet Doors-Dos and Don’ts

The room redo has taken a lot of time so molding didn’t happen on the doors, but I did get it painted with chalkboard paint.  It looks way better and for that I am glad.  I don’t know if it will hold up and for that I am really sad.  I lightly sanded it.  The can didn’t say I had to prime, but I kept thinking I should.  I didn’t.  I should have. 

Today I decided to write on it and take some photos.  I wanted to erase and have found a damp towel works best.  However, when I erased an area of the door, the paint peeled!  I got a sick feeling, but I  thought just touch it up and go on.  So I did.


I sanded the peeled area and rolled some paint on it.  I dried it with a blow dryer and did about 4 coats.  I did 3 coats on the doors.  I used Valspar chalkboard paint from Lowes because I was there and that is what they had.  I also used a foam roller, but it doesn’t seem as smooth as I thought it would be.  It’s kind of bumpy.


I used a stencil I made to put this Monster Energy drink logo on his doors.  He loves the stuff.  I think it is the devil. 

The black goes with the gray better than the old brown doors did.


See what I mean?  His entry door is still brown.  I might have some plans for it, but I am saving it for another day.

I figure if the paint keeps peeling then I will sand them down and start over.  It will suck, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  So if you do this don’t be lazy like me and prime.  I am also wishing I had used my Deglosser I had in the garage but once again I was too lazy to go get it and use. 

I will just hope that I rubbed to hard on paint that is only a few days old and that it won’t peel anymore. 


And I will get to keep writing on it and leave my son nagging messages friendly reminders.


See the mirror to the right?  My stepdad made that for me when I was 12.  It has been peach, white, brown, navy and now dark gray.  I love that mirror. 


So cross your fingers for me that there will be no more peeling!  I should have pics of the entire room Friday if I get the curtains finished.  I bought stitch witchery today.  Love that stuff.


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