Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project 52 Week 4 Self Portrait

Well I have tried the self portrait thing before and it was hard and I looked rather boring.  I decided to be unique with my self portrait for this challenge.  I spend several days a week running either outside or on my treadmill.  I came across this funny on Pinterest.


Sooooo I thought hmmm let’s see which one I actually look like when I am running.  I set my camera in front of my treadmill on a tripod.  I had to use an external  flash because it was indoors at night and I bounced it off the ceiling.   I was tempted to put it on the action setting, but I wanted to challenge myself so I used manual for my action shot. 

I think I might look somewhere in between the 2 photos above. 


I wonder if I will be on the only self portrait on a treadmill????  I bet so.  An advantage to this is I didn’t have to get all spiffed up.  I actually took this after I ran and had sweat pouring in my eyes while trying to set up my camera. 


project 52 p52


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