Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flash and Auto Mode Saved the Moment

My sister is moving away and I attended a going away dinner for her at a restaurant.  It’s not one I have been to in awhile and I wasn’t sure of the lighting, but I grabbed my external flash just in case I needed it.  Boy did I. It was soooo dark in there.  I looked up to a dark wood ceiling.  What no white ceiling to bounce the light off and get natural looking soft photos?  Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.  Now that I have shot in manual for so long, but know every little about my flash I hurriedly kept trying to find the right settings to take photos when my sister arrived.  She didn’t know we were all getting together to tell her bye.  I finally got the settings to where I could at least see people and thought ok…that will work. 



(Dark photos with shadows under the eyes)


(Same person using flash-you can see her!)

My sister’s boss’ husband asked if he could see my camera.  He turned my flash forward and put my camera on auto.  I thought what the heck????  He took a pic of me and my husband and what do you know?


You could see us.  I didn’t think the photos looked too harsh either and even if they did harsh lit photos are way better than hopefully I can see you photos.  Right?  This year I WILL become completely comfortable with flash photography, but until then I am all about the auto and flash forward when needed!


(Me and my sister-see I did learn how to fix my  hair!)

Now my sister has photos to take with her on her new adventure. 


Funny thing is she is moving where I have planned on moving in the next 5 or 6 years.  It will be easier to decide if I will move there after visiting her and listening to her thoughts about the town. 

I will never think bad about the flash or auto mode again.  It is my friend.



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