Saturday, January 21, 2012

Looking for Color Palettes for Son’s Room Redo and Trouble with Clicking on Blog Post Links

Cash is going out and ideas are coming in for my son’s bedroom redo.  I have bought new bedding, a ceiling fan, and sheets to turn into curtains.  When I make purchases towards something then it helps me get the room going.  I need to go buy paint soon so I will have it on hand when we are ready to paint. 

His room is hard for me because I know what I like, but he wants it to be what he likes.  What I like and an almost 14 year old like are not even in the same ballpark.  We have both agreed on gray.  He picked out the bedding.


I helped him find a fan on line. 


By the way if you are fan shopping check out Lamps Plus.  Great price ($99.95), no tax and I got free shipping. 

My son loves Coca Cola.  I am not a fan of it, but because he loves it we will find a way to use it in his room. 

It won’t be extreme like this image I found.


It will be much more subtle and vintage.  We will use things like this old Coke can and the crates we got last year.IMG_2098 copy

So I have been trying to find out how to do a color palette with gray and a touch of red. 

Design Seeds had some inspirational palettes available.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Have you ever checked out the site?  It is really fun to search for different combos.  Go here to check it out. 

I have a few other things to let you know":

This past week I have had trouble with clicking on post links.  The post would show up and then it would disappear and the screen would be white.  This happened with links on my blog and links to other blogs in linky parties.  I downloaded the Google Chrome browser and the problem is gone.  I was using Internet Explorer before.  If you are having this trouble then you might try Google Chrome.

I had a little health scare I mentioned last week.  I found a lump and my doctor thinks it is fine. I will get an ultrasound of it to be sure, but I feel good that he said he has all the good characteristics and none of the bad. 

Thanks for making me feel good about my story I shared.  



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