Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perspective and Internet Connections

Last night my computer got a virus.  I thought it had wiped out everything and I don’t have a backup.  I will be doing online backup this weekend.  Early New Years Resolution.  I feared I had lost all of my photo editing software and actions, presets, etc I had purchased for it.  It seems to be fine.  My husband with the help of a friend who fixes computers fixed it through text messages with him. 

I wasn’t as upset as I normally would have been last night about the unknown condition of my computer because one of my good friends was taking her last breaths.  She lost her battle with breast cancer this morning.  I have known Laura for almost 12 years.  We met online in a support group for suicide.  My mom died by suicide and her husband did as well.  It is a devastating loss and connecting with others that suffered the same kind of grief really helped me heal.  We never lost touch with each other and probably not a week went by that we didn’t contact each other some how.  I wanted to meet her in person, but the miles were so many between Texas and Michigan.

It really makes the importance of online relationships so vividly clear to me.  I have wept for the loss of my friend and my mind and heart can’t seem to quit thinking about her.  The thought of not getting to talk to her again is hard to grasp.  I am grateful that she is no longer hurting and that she is in Heaven.  My friend was an atheist for years.  Sometimes I got to talk to her about Jesus, but I had to be careful not to make her mad.  The loss of her mom to cancer 2 years ago brought her to Jesus.  She started going to church with her dad to keep him company and found out she liked the church and members.  She was no longer an atheist.  So I know one day I will get to put my arms around her and meet her in person. 

Rest in Peace my dear friend Laura.  I love you.



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