Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Lights

We have a couple of neighborhoods that have been putting up gorgeous lights since I was a little girl.  My family took a drive through both of them last night and I thought I would share some of them with you. 

This neighborhood is outside of town and some of the lights are amazing. 

This is part of  the entrance.


I didn’t get a very good photo of Rudolph poking out of the bushes, but it  made me smile.  It is hard to take pics at night while your husband is driving.  They tend to blur. 


There were 2 homes that had every little tree and there home lit.  It was a see of lights.  I needed a wide angle lens which I didn’t have to do it justice.  Here is a portion of the first house.


The next house was feeling a bit lazy this year so they just put this out.


Next door to the ditto house was the most amazing one.  It was so lit and colorful. 





Those lights can be seen from pretty far away.  I love the cross above.  I would not love their electric bill though. 

There is a hill in the neighborhood that always has a cross lit on it.


The next neighborhood is in town and an older area with brick streets.  It is kind of sad, but some people buy the old homes and knock them down and build gigantic modern homes on the lot.  Seems wrong to me. 

I loved the wreaths on the side of the trees lining the street.


Then this lit up blue tree was so cool, but kinda spooky looking too.


Lots of trees had every branch lit.


I loved the dripping lights on this house.  It made me think of a willow tree.


Someone was feeling patriotic this Christmas.


Other than shopping for food, I am ready for Christmas.  Our schools don’t get out until Thursday here and it will be  hectic week at our dental office.  I will get a week off after Christmas and I am very much.  We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow.  That has me a bit worried, but we can use the moisture after our drought this summer. 

Are you ready for Christmas to get here?



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