Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Goals

This year I decided to have goals and not resolutions.  I frequently make goals throughout the year, but for 2012 I have some specific ones.

Through blogging, I have found my biggest passion is photography.  I love it.  It seems I mostly photograph people and I am going to work on creative photography of inanimate objects in 2012.  To help me with my goal I joined Kim Klassens’s Beyond Layers class that will start in January 16th and last for 52 weeks. 

That should keep the creative juices flowing for 2012.  It’s only a dollar a week and knowing Kim it will be well worth it. 

I also joined Rock the Shot Photography forum.  I don’t know much about it, but it never seems like a bad idea to surround yourself with people who love what you love. 

125x125 Affiliate Banner

My 3 Boybarians has a photo challenge that should kick my creative goal to the next level by participating in a photo themed linky party once a week.

p52 project52

Finally in the photo department I am going to try to feel confident enough to start charging people for my time and overhead.  I invest a lot of money in photoshop actions and lightroom presets to enhance photos. 


Not to mention photography equipment and time.  I am still spinning the idea and details in my head. 

For my home I need to paint my trim in my family room.  I kept telling myself in 2011 I would get it done and now I have a whole year to talk about it and procrastinate about it in 2012. 


I need to get my 3rd bar stool painted while I am at it.  I don’t know how some of you whip out one paint project after another. 

Speaking of painting.  My 13 year old is ready to change his room.  That will be a big undertaking.  The hardest part will be trying to make it like he wants it and not how I want it.  Anyone else have this problem? 

This spring I hope to figure out a solution to my grass that dies year after year in my backyard.  I have to get my husband on board for this one.  I am thinking of laying stone where the grass always dies.  Something like this inspiration photo I found on a google search months ago.


I know I have other things I need to do to my home, but these are just things that have been on my mind. 

Lastly I have a running goal.  I exercise regularly, but I did slack when I first started blogging and I was not happy with myself.  To keep myself motivated I decide on a challenge.  Years ago it was to run a 5k.  I can now do that easily.  This year I want to try and run an organized 5k in 25 minutes. 


images via pinterest

What do you want for your 2012? 



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