Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nothing Says Fall Like a Basket of Apples

Apples and almond butter are my new addiction.  I like Honeycrisp apples the best for snacking, but for photos I like red apples.  I really like my faux red apples because they never get smushy.  When I was hunting for baskets for my mums, I found this cute small apple basket at Michaels.  I filled it with my red apples and placed it on my dining room kitchen. 

20111007-IMG_3117 copy

I added some textures to my photo for interest.  I used 3 of Kim Klassen Café’s textures.

        Scripted Autumn                      Pumpkin Grunge                         Warm Sun         

scripted autumn kim klassenpumpkin grunge warmsun

Do you like apples?  What’s your favorite kind?


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