Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Today started out pretty spooky.  I arrived at work to find out our dental office had a break in during the middle of the night.  We have an alarm system, but they still broke out one of our windows and stole our tv in the reception area.  Apparently there has been a lot of this going on for the last couple of weeks.  The thief is hitting businesses at night and stealing tvs.  We had finger print dust all over the place. 

It was a beautiful night and we had lots of trick or treaters.  It was hard to leave my neighbor’s house to come home and pass out candy.  They are such a fun grandma and grandpa.   They decorate their yard every year. 

There is a spooky cemetery.


It is creepier when it gets dark and the flood lights shine on the headstones.

There is a creepy guy hanging and twisting from a tree.


My neighbor’s son in law dresses in the creepy blue overalls and mask. 


The witch above goes across the yard on a wire.

And what’s a creepy haunted scary yard without some grandkids running around in scary outfits.  My son isn’t dressed up yet. 



He went home and put on all black and a scary mask we have had for a while to join in the fun.


Want to see my cute grandma neighbor?  She dressed up as a hippie this year.



I just love her.  I still need to share my photo session I did of her and her grandson.  She’s a hoot. 

My porch isn’t scary at all.  I just had my lit up pumpkin turned on. 


I came back home to lots and lots of trick or treaters.  Some of our friends brought lots of kids on a really cool float.  Photos do not do this float justice.



There was music and lit moving décor on the float.  So fun.  I hope you had a Happy Halloween too.



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