Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunset Sunrise and Sun Flare Photo Party

The sun is getting warmer and the nights longer so it’s a great time to have a party that’s all about the sun.  I hope you all had fun getting some great shots and trying to get a sun flare shot. 

I took some engagement photos and family photos for one of my patients Saturday.  It was the first time to take engagement pics and they turned out well.  I was relieved.  I still get so nervous.  Anyway, the bride to be has 2 girls and the groom to be has 2 boys.  I tried to take a pic of them and get a sun flare.  It kinda worked. 


Can you see the little bit of flare in the lower left hand corner?  Want to hear something creepy?  Sure you do.  I was suppose to take their photos at 1pm and I talked them into 7:30 because the sun wouldn’t be so harsh.  I am glad I did.  They pulled a body from the lake in the park where we took pics at 1:37pm that day.  Sad smile

Ok onto happier things.  I don’t have any sunrise pics.  I practiced the sun flare so much I didn’t have time to take new sunset pics, but I have 2 to share. 

I took this one in March.  There are not many natural trees in this area, but this is near a river bed (that is mostly dry) and the Cottonwood trees grow well here.


This sunset was from our summer vacation last year in Siesta Key, FL. 



It was over casted all week and the last night I was finally able to get some sunset photos.  I miss walking along that beach. 

Remember the photo parties will be once a month.  Next month’s challenge is nature.  It can be a plant, animal, water, rocks, etc. 


Show me your sun photos!


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