Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enough Love For Two. A New Addition to Our Family.

Most of my readers know that we have a 10 year old blind female schnauzer that we adore.  She is so sweet, cuddly and smart.  Although she is blind since last summer, she still leads a full life.  She can even run 3 miles with me nonstop. 

We had a big health scare with her this past winter and I have been thinking of getting another dog so when the dreaded time comes that we no longer have our beloved Harley, we will still have another dog. 

Dog number 2 became a part of our family on Wednesday evening and so far so good.  She is an adorable 7 week old schnauzer. 

We are still working on a name for her. 

First I would like to show you photos of our 10 year old beautiful dog, Harley.  She is very photogenic and I take pics of her all the time. 




This sweet dog never lacks for attention.  I have photos of us all loving on her.

My son.




My husband.

IMG_9923 copy2

She loves to nuzzle under our necks.

I wondered if my heart could have room for two pets to love.  I discovered in less than 24 hours that it can. 

Meet the new family member. 

IMG_0191 copy_edited-1

IMG_0197 copy

It sure looks like Harley is watching her even though she can’t see.  Harley has never liked other dogs ever.  I was really worried about getting a puppy.  She has done well with her, but is still a little leery and the puppy seems to know there are boundaries.

IMG_0196 copy

IMG_0198 copy

IMG_0208 copy

IMG_0217 copy

Why do dogs do this when they meet?


I am so glad that we just shake hands and say glad to meet you. 

I thought I could put the puppy in a laundry basket when I needed a quick babysitter from time to time.  Here is a video to show you how great it works…..not.  Please ignore my stupid puppy voice.

New Puppy Trick

Thanks for visiting my 4 legged family members.


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