Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Push Yourself?

Do you push yourself to learn new things?  It’s how we grow.  Remember when you first learned to comment, link to a party, write a blog post, use a new product?  Now that you are comfortable blogging, what do you do to push yourself to be a better blogger? 

Most of you know that I have become passionate about learning photography and editing.  It takes a lot of my time, but I enjoy it so much that I don’t mind. 

The more I read photography blogs the more I learn there is more to learn.  I recently read Everyday Elements blog post about editing RAW images.  You can see it here. RAW images scare me.  I know nothing about them and they take up a ton of space, but it seems they produce the best photos for editing.

So I took my camera outside in the 50mph wind and took a few quick shots in my front yard in RAW.  (RAW is an image quality choice with SLR cameras)

Here is my before photo.


And after.  The colors are correct and the lighting is more even and doesn’t have severe hot spots.


And the next thing I pushed myself to learn is mouse overs.  My friend Antita at Going a Little Costal inspired me to try a while back and I didn’t take time to do it.  Tonight I decided to follow Layla @ The Lettered Cottage’s tutorial for mouse overs.  You can read it here

I am pushing myself and trying it.  I am not sure if it will work until I publish it.  If it doesn’t I will keep trying until I get it right.  Hopefully when you mouse over the image below it will show you the before and after. 

UPDATE:  It took me forever but I got it to work.  I finally had to try Shadowhouse Creations tutorial (here)and it worked.


I think mouse overs make it easier to see the differences in before and after posts. 

What have you done to push yourself lately?  What is something you have always wanted to do or learn, but you haven’t tried yet?



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