Saturday, March 20, 2010

My fight with white.

I have loved all the white decorating in so many blogs.  Maybe everyone’s blog is  going white or so it seems.  I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I learned  I had to jump right back off.  I tried to paint some things white a couple of weeks ago and ended up spending my limited free time repainting or replacing it all.  I just couldn’t  make it work for me.  The good news is I changed up some things that did work.  I covered some more books.  They are red and I like them, but I wanted a change.  If I want to change them back I don’t have to repaint!  I just have to uncover them.

Here is the before.


And the after.



I used some brown packaging paper and some cute bird stamps and a little acrylic brown paint to age them up a bit.

I messed up on one of the books and tried to take a short cut and just add a new strip of paper to the binding which you can tell in the photos, but not so much in person.  All of my little frames in the entertainment center got painted about 5 times last weekend.  First white, then aged white, then green ,the aged green then taupe with some gold highlights to make them back like they were before I started.  Some are green but they were painted from before  and looked ok.  Here is the whole entertainment center with our huge silver television (can you paint a television. ???) My husband was watching a movie when I took this photo.


One of my frames just couldn’t be fixed so I made a little wreath out of some boxwood greenery and a grapevine wreath to replace it.  I love it.



I also tried to paint a mirror and an art frame.  I could never fix those either so I had to go shopping.  I found a frame on clearance from one store and a mirror for half off at Hobby Lobby that have the same tone.  They go with the cherry wood tone on my furniture (that I almost painted but didn’t….so glad about that).

Here is my new art frame and I changed out the lamp shade.  It was a golden color.  I like the brown much better.  You can see the gold tone here and get instructions for covering books.


I almost forgot that I also painted 2 buffet lamps about 5 or 6 times during my white trial and error.  They had to be replaced too.  I decided to go with one table lamp instead.  Here is the new lamp and the new mirror.  I love adding  fuzzy trim to lamps.  It makes the shade more interesting.


Looks like 2 lamps because my floor lamp is reflecting in the mirror.  So I am sticking with the cherry tones and browns.  I guess I thought since I could make white work in my new guestroom that you can see here, that I could make it work anywhere.  Nope I can’t do it.

I wonder if I should be afraid of the chair I am trying to reupholster because it is white???  If it turns out ok,  it is going in my son’s room and it will have some navy blue accents to it.  I hope I can show you soon. 

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