Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guestroom Redo

The photos aren't the best but it shows what the room looked like before and all the mess I had while I painted not once, but twice. It was a flat off-whtie paint and the last room in the house that had not been painted since we moved in at the end of May 2004. I stared at a paint chip called wooden spoon for at least 6 months. It was taped to the the wall and very visible every time I ran on my treadmill. I just knew the color was a good choice because I liked it every time I looked at it. Well 2x2 inches of it were great. A whole room didn't do it for me. I slept on it and woke up hating it so off the the paint store I went for day 2. I went with a color not too far off from the off-white. It is called parchment. I was really getting mad when my husband would walk by and comment on day 2 of my painting that it looked like it did before I started. Well the paint was just enough of a change to make all of my old stuff look bad. It was never really cute, but it was something I could live with until I painted. So here is the before.

I bought sheets from Walmart and used 2 full sheets for $8 a piece to make the curtains. I bought the coverlet and shams from Overstock and then made some throw pillows. I have other fabric I might try later. I just couldn't decide on what I wanted. I thought about adding some fabric to the top of the curtains, but for now I like them simple. I found the "dream" at Michael's in the dollar bin. It is cardboard. I spray painted it and taped it with double sided stick tape to the headboard. I had the square frame and painted it and then painted a "D" from Hobby Lobby to Match. I have always liked nature and birds so I am glad that birds are in right now and I could use them for my redo. I may change some thing up later but for now I am ready to take a break from the room. I know the treadmill and tv are ugly, but they help me exercise and have energy for projects. So they are a necessary eye sore.


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