Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother’s Day Weekend @ Quartz Mountain

My weekend was the best.  I have an aunt that is a year younger than me.  We spent quite a bit of time together when we were younger and sometimes our families would meet up at Quarts Mountain/Lake Altus in Oklahoma. 

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(above photos courtesy of my aunt’s IPhone.)

We always stayed in a tent or a camper, but this time we stayed in the cabins. 


And we took the dogs.


And they loved it, but got lots of little sand burrs in their fur every time they went outside. 

My husband and I took some walks together.


And we found lots of wildflowers.

My husband took me on an adventure hike that involved cactus in my hand and potential ticks, chiggers and snakes so we could see some natural stone stairs.


I think he secretly just wanted to see if he could catch a fish from the stairs.


He didn’t. 

He didn’t catch one on our nature walk either, but he let me take his pic.


I bought him that hat so he wouldn’t get more skin cancer and surgery.  Not a fun experience. 

My aunt brought her boat and my nephew.  My son and nephew got to go tubing.



The above pic is so my son going Oh No and my nephew thinking yee haw!. 

I took a run to the resort one morning (up hill-it felt like both ways).  When I got there I ran across this cool bridge.



Later I took my son and nephew back to the resort to swim.


My son is practicing his floating technique. 

There were some cool huts.


You could rent a room in the lodge.


I preferred the cabins because we could make camp fires and swim in the lake.


Izzy rode like a vulture on the backseat for a bit on our way home.


I wanted to stop and take pics of the big cross in Groom, TX on our way home.


But I only got this one on my phone on the way to Quartz Mountain.  On the way home it was raining really hard.  We need the rain so I will just have to get photos some other day.

It was good to get away with my family and make memories with my son of Quartz Mountain just like I have from my childhood. 



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