Monday, April 16, 2012

Yummy and Healthy Dinner and Dessert. Oh and Easy Too!

Today I found a blog that I know I will refer to over and over again.  The most beautiful girl inside and out shares her story from a childhood of obesity to happy, healthy and thin.  She has wonderful easy ideas for food and snacks.  She also encourages exercise.  I loved reading her bio.  Her blog is called Undressed Skeleton.  You will love her. 
She inspired me to eat healthy tonight.  There is an easy dish I like to make that can be suited to individual taste. 
I used a rotisserie chicken, very thin corn tortillas, grape tomatoes, mango and cilantro.  I love me some cilantro! 
I squeeze a little lime juice over the top.
And then I shake a little of this on them.
It gives it a little tang and spice. 
My son just likes shredded cheddar and chicken on his.  One day he might appreciate fresh beautiful fruit and veggies like I do.  I hope.
For dessert I used the idea from the Undressed Skeleton blog.  She called them fruit cake but got the idea from fruit pizza.  I am calling them fruit pizza.
I used a rice cake and smeared some strawberry Greek yogurt on it.  I like Chobani.
0% Strawberry
I mixed it up before I spread it on the rice cake.
I topped it with grapes, blueberries and strawberries.  Kiwi would have been good, but I used what I had. 
My son liked this treat.  It was good, easy and filling.
After my meal I felt good instead of bloated or guilty like I do when I eat badly. 
What good things have you done for your body lately?  Do you have any easy healthy recipes you love?
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