Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Storm Door with the Pet Door is Installed

My husband and I (ok mostly my husband) hung the storm door on Friday.  It went fairly well, but those kinds of instructions are always confusing.   Today he attached the closer onto the door after I took a pic of it. 


It is much sturdier than our old 1970s aluminum storm door.


It’s different seeing so much door, but we like that it doesn’t slam shut and make a ton of noise. 

It didn’t take the girls too long to figure out how to get in and out of the doggie door.  (I know….they need to visit the groomer.)


Izzy (the young one) got it right away.  Harley is more timid which is understandable since she is blind.  It has got to be scary to jump through a hole in the door, but she will do it.  She is such a good girl.




And now she is a blur once she goes through.


Here’s Izzy coming back in.


I love watching them go in and out.  It cracks me up.  It’s good to get one of our projects checked off our list.  I also got my Thanksgiving shopping done today too.  I am always in charge of the entire meal.  I made my pumpkin bread tonight.  I think I will share my recipe with you like I did last year for those that missed it.  It is the best pumpkin bread ever!  I think I will go have a 2nd piece right now. 



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