Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gonna Mix Some Good With The Bad

I wanted to stop in and share about my summer vacation and let you know about some bad news I got recently.  Let’s start with the good. 

We decided to go to New Braunfels this year for vacation and we go the bright idea to buy a used boat and take it with us and sell it when we got back.


We picked such a popular boat we sold it in New Braunfels and didn’t have to bring it home.  We have been in a severe drought in Amarillo and our lakes have gone almost dry so no reason to have a boat around here. 

Izzy loved the boat and tubing.


She also liked going on the kayak.


And she loved going to the restaurants with outdoor seating.



It was so good to get away and spend time together relaxing and having fun. 

Then I had to come back to reality and face some tough decisions. 

I have been diagnosed with a cancer gene called BRCA2.  It is what Angelina Jolie has only hers is 1 and mine is 2.  I am facing a hysterectomy and the decision to do a mastectomy.  I have an 85% chance I will get breast cancer.  Those odds pretty much suck. 

So I will be busy with doctor appointments and one maybe two surgeries.  I will let you know what I decided to do and how it all goes. 



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