Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just Sharing A Few Photos and Thoughts

Lately I find myself drawn to blog posts about life more than the ones that have to do with crafts or decorating.  I am not sure why those things that I use to enjoy have taken such a back seat and have become less important in my life.  I keep getting big reminders how precious life is all the time.  Friday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook certainly got my attention and taking photos for an old high school classmate who wanted family photos for the last time because her husband is terminally ill.  I have been trying to pay attention this week and capture moments in life that I want to remember forever. 

My favorite one  I took on Friday night.  I felt so lucky to have my family safe, at home and loving each other.


Then on Sunday my son was watching football with Izzy at his feet. 


I use to would worry and think that I couldn’t possibly post a pic with a cup in it.  Now I just think, well that is part of life. 

Last night I caught another photo of my son and our dog.  Yes he wore the same shirt 2 days in a row.  Less laundry.  Smile


I learned I had to manually focus to get this dark shot. I like how it turned out.  I love that Izzy is looking out the window. 

Don’t forget to capture family moments.  Leave your camera out.  Don’t just take it out to take a pic of a project and then put it away when you are done.  They say the best photos is the one you took. 



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