Saturday, November 3, 2012

Find the Light

Have you been thinking about taking some portraits of your kids during this beautiful fall season?  If so I wanted to encourage you to find an area with trees a out an hour or so before sunset.  Pose your kids in front of the sun so that it is behind the creating beautiful backlighting. 

I have done 2 photo shoots recently in a place just like this and the results of the lighting are beautiful. 



If you need tips on photographing in backlight then google it and you will find a ton of information.  I have really enjoyed taking online classes and reading the free info at

I also have been using my new photo cd packaging that I give to my clients. 


I use custom stamps I ordered and a punch cut out for the name tag.  The insert is my print release and I stamp Thank You on it.  I really like it.  It sure beats the ziplock baggies I was using before. 

I encourage you to go outside this weekend and practice taking photos by using the light and see what you think.  sig


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