Monday, October 17, 2011

What I Did With My Painted Bamboo Mat

I mentioned I painted one of my bamboo mats black for photo shoots, but I also wanted to put it on my dining room table for a bit of interest and to add some black to the table.  You can see that post here. I am throwing the idea of painting the chairs black around in my head. 

Here’s the mat on the table.


It’s like one big placemat on the table.  I know most people don’t put floor mats/rugs on their tables, but I do.  Maybe I will start a trend? 


Isn’t that pine cone inside the little grinder thing cute?  I just love pine cones.


I am trying to force myself to use my tripod when taking pics and choosing different focusing points with my camera.  I am lazy so it is hard to go the extra steps, but worth it.

I still struggle when all the light is coming in through the windows and I try to capture the entire room.


Wanna see what the table looks like on a regular basis with my husband’s junk all over it?  I didn’t use the tripod for this photo.


Is your table a landing spot for junk too?  Would you put a floor mat/rug on your table? 


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