Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurricanes Ruin Vacations Even if it is Indirectly

I don’t have any good photos to share today.  This is why.

Hurricane Alex

File:Hurricane Alex Radar.png

It has caused the water to be too choppy for my husband to see any Tarpon on his fishing trip. 

If you don’t see them then you can’t catch them.  He paid lots of money for a 6 hour boat ride that made him queasy.  No bueno!

  I tried to go to a Goodwill, but I only found drop off locations.  I did eat a good piece of Key Lime pie for the 3rd day in a row.  I am becoming a regular at the Orange Octopus where they sell the pieces of pie.

  Then the rain started about 1:30 today and there may be no end in sight.  I so wish I had a photo of my husband holding a big fish or even some sunburned bodies to show you. Grrr.



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