Saturday, December 29, 2012

Using the Kelvin Chart for White Balance

Yesterday I kept happening upon information about using the Kelvin setting for white balance while taking photos.  This might be my aha moment.  I am going to try using this method and see if it works as well for me as it seems to for so many other photographers.  Some of the entry level DSLRs will not have this option.  It will look like this under your white balance settings.


Kelvin is the choice on the far right “K”.

After you choose kelvin then you choose your setting by using your scroll wheel.


I did a little experiment using my window as the light source. 


These shots are straight out of camera.  The only change I made was decreasing the temperature of the Kelvin.  I have read that photos can look over or underexposed simply because the white balance is incorrect.  I think the photo that is labeled 3500 looks more underexposed the the rest.  Do you?   The Kelvin chart above was found on pinterest and created by Girl Hearts Camera.  I liked her chart the best. 

If you do not have the choice of Kelvin on your camera and you want some other options let me know and I will make a post about it. 

Happy shooting.



  1. OMGosh...this is so cool!!! Thanks for the info. :) Keep these awesome tips coming. I love them.

  2. I have that setting on my camera and would love to learn more. Thanks for the tip so far, I am heading off to try it now.

  3. I need to look at my this in Manual mode? Shoot Fly Shoot was half price on Cyber Monday so I bought it. It's my project for January. I would love to get off Auto. :o)

    1. Ann, I saw your question and the setting is in you menu section. I tried it yesterday and it is so easy to do. I normally set up everything manually but this makes it so much easier.

  4. Tracy,
    I tried this method yesterday and loved it. Would you like to do a guest post on my blog with your new found secret?

  5. This year will be wonderful for you and yours, filled with small joys to share, to give and friendships to maintain health. Patchwork of ideas, projects to overflow, the time to achieve .... Happy New Year!


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