Monday, December 3, 2012

New Year But Looks Like Last Year

Nothing new this year to my bench area.  I pulled out the same things I used last year to decorate for Christmas.  If I get motivated I might buy some of those light fixture globes and put lights inside and add them to the pots.  It has been in the 70s here so Christmas decorating seems so wrong.  I actually was sweating when I put this stuff out. 




  1. It's new to me since I've only been blogging for less than a year now. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!
    I agree it's hard to decorate when it's so warm in Middle Georgia. When I decorate inside, I turn on the AC and Christmas music and I feel like it's Christmas.

  2. It looks great, Tracy! Hey, if it works stay with it. I love the garland on the back of the bench and your Winter pillow.

  3. Same here, Tracy. It has been in high 70s are hard to get motivated. Kids want to go look at lights which we usually do with hot chocolate in hand. lol

  4. I love that it's the same. That just shows how much you love what you did with it. :) It's absolutely perfect. So charming and cozy.

  5. I love that sled! It all looks great. And we've been sweating here too. I would like it a little cooler by Christmas!

  6. I love it old or new. And it's been warm here as well so it kind of puts a damper on getting in the Christmas spirit!

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    Have a crazy beautiful week!


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