Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Bar Stools

Last May I painted my bar and it never looked just right.  One reader commented that my bar stools needed to be replaced.  She was right.  I really wanted to get industrial ones.  I even bought a set of 3, but my son really disliked sitting on them because they were uncomfortable.  He spends most of the time sitting on them so I decided to take them back and bought some he wouldn’t’ mind sitting in and I wouldn’t mind looking at.  The seat is a little bigger than I like, but they do look better than the ones that came with the house and have been here since the 70s. 

Here’s the new ones.


I am thinking of painting the dining chairs black (NOT the new bar stools) to break up all the oak chairs. 

Here is a shot of the old bar stools.


What do you think?  Much better?  Should I paint the dining chairs black.



  1. Love the new chairs!
    The new one go perfectly with the space.
    I vote no paint. Just because I like the look of the chairs and the upper cabinets. I say live with it for a bit and if you still want to paint them, go for it. What ever makes you smile.

  2. I really love the new chairs!! I would paint the kitchen chairs black and the table base. Leave the top of the table wood. I think it would tie in the black from the kitchen into the dinner area.

  3. I think u could paint a set black. The area is really nice.

  4. What about primer red to add a pop of color?
    or maybe Arles?

  5. Love your new bar stools. I like them the way they are. :)

  6. They look great! I would definitely paint the dining chairs black and as someone else mentioned, the table base also. I think it would really pop against the other black.



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