Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Solar Lights

This spring I learned that the inexpensive solar lights from Walmart come apart and you can use the light in other containers.


I thought I would play with one and try some different Halloween ideas.  I have seen some cute pumpkin painted jars.  I didn’t make one, but I think the solar light would be a good alternative to using a candle if you wanted to leave them unattended.

Here are the ones I tried.

I put some rubber mice and some inside with some fuzzy trim on the edge of the jar.  It is not lit in this photo.


And now with the solar light working.



I also put a rubber mouse on my fish bowl.  My fish keeps checking out the tail. 


Funny huh?

The next idea I used scrapbook paper.  It is thick and transparent.  I found it at Michaels and cut it to fit inside the jar.



I also used some plastic spider rings.  I cut the ring part off and added some webbing that is used to decorate for Halloween so the spiders would show up better.  Pillow stuffing would probably work too.  I couldn’t get it to thin out and stay in place. 


What would you put in the jar?


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  1. Cute ideas....I may have to try this. Not sure what other ideas I have...but I do have a fake mouse, a jar, and some black fluffy trim......I do like these for maybe some pretty thanksgiving jars....ooooo, or Christmas!! And....these lights are on clearance ar my walmart right now for $2.50!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. This is such a great idea -is it any of the solar lights from Walmart? I think it even looks spookier because it looks like a flashlight is being shone on the mice "down in the basement" :-)

    What would I put in -maybe those fake brains or other organs in some green colored water to look like a preservative.

  3. That jar of spiders is creeping me out. I love it! How about some body parts. Maybe some fingers?

  4. They are so cute! I love the spiders, they show up really well!! My daughter says that she really likes the fishy one! :)

  5. Cuteness girl! I love the one with the mice inside it. I think if I walked in on it in the middle of the night I may wake up the whole fam with my screaming cause its so freaky!

    love your guts

  6. Oh my! What a fabulous idea! Lovin' the jar with the mice in it!

  7. You've been featured today! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party- I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. - Stephanie Lynn

  8. Shut up! I made a ton of solar jars with shells, and this never even crossed my mind! Brilliant!

  9. How about green jello with a finger or some other spooky thing suspended inside the jar.

  10. What a wonderful idea! Did you use a mason jar?

  11. Love this!! Hoping our WalMart still has these lights! TFS

  12. This is such an adorable idea! Made "fairy jars" for my kids, but never thought of this!And right now, my Dollar Tree has these same lights! (except they're orange with spiderwebs.) So, I can get them for a buck a piece! BTW... If you have a Dollar Tree or 99 cent Only Store nearby, you can get these, and you can easily paint these whatever color you want! Gonna go stock up now! :)

  13. So cute. I made some using shorter mason type jars with lock lids. Great for a Mom or Dad who has to get up during the night with a baby or any child, for that matter. I purchased solar lts and mason jars at Dollar Tree. How can you beat free lights for a $2.00 investment? Also handy when your electric goes out!

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