Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aged Globe With Dark Brown Wax

When I redid my son’s room several weeks ago, I changed up the décor in his shelves a bit.  One of the things that my son wanted to keep in his shelf was an inexpensive globe I bought him years ago.  I liked the globe, but it looked too new for our industrial/vintage room redo.  So I waxed it.


I mentioned I would show you more details about his shelf when I revealed his room redo here.


When  I took the photo of the first shelf the globe really bothered me.  It just looked cheap and new.  I also noticed my son’s grandpa’s vintage trumpet was really dusty.  So I dusted it and changed up the globe. 

IMG_7985 copy

I rubbed some dark brown Briwax all over the globe with a paper towel and I decided to spray the stand with my Krylon aluminum spray paint I used for other projects in the room.  I gave it a quick coat of black glaze too. 

As the coat of aluminum paint was drying outside on a piece of cardboard, a bird used it for a toilet.  Lucky me.

IMG_7999 copy

The base was originally a black plastic and the curved side part was clear.  I like it better now that it looks like metal.  It makes it look more expensive and the wax gives it an aged well used look.


Now for the rest of the shelves. 

I used my piston frame holder I made here in this shelf and some other silvery metal items. 

IMG_7987 copy

On the next shelf I added another framed print of my son with his dad from years ago at the fire station and a pop of red with a basket and some baseballs.  I wanted to use all the letters I redid to make them look like metal blocks (here), but I just couldn’t figure out a way to fit them all so I just used the D.

IMG_7988 copy

This shelf has a helmet David’s grandpa gave to him.  I think it was his friend’s helmet from the Korean war, but I am not sure.  My son wants to be an aeronautical engineer when he grows up and loves planes, especially military planes, so we added the book to this shelf.  The eagle was painted by my husband in high school and the grenade was bought at an antique store. 

IMG_7993 copy

To the left of the helmet are army hats my husband’s dad wore in the army years ago. 

IMG_7992 copy

There is a tan one and an army green one.  I have a photo of him wearing the tan one in my entertainment center. 


I love having special things like this in my home.

The next shelf are some books David wanted to keep.  I thought they would be more interesting in these locker baskets I got last year at Target.

IMG_7995 copy

The last shelf is full of more books, a hot wheel case that was my husband’s when he was little and an ugly monkey thing.

IMG_7996 copy

My son really wanted to keep that case in his room and my husband’s mom gave David that ugly monkey right before she died.  My son insists that it be out.   It is hard to argue with things your child holds dear and special.  Plus this is his room so I think it should be his choice. 

Do you have special mementos in your child’s room?  What is kept in your son’s room that your kid loves, but you don’t?


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