Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sign of Spring

We have had some great weather during the week of our Spring Break.  My son spent most of it on a school trip to Washington DC and the surrounding area.  He got back last night.  He loved his trip and Virginia. 

While he was gone my husband and I took the dogs for a little day trip to Caprock Canyons.  Did you know that there is a herd of Buffalo that are descendants of Buffalos owned by Charles Goodnight in the canyon.  I got a photo of them, but I didn’t close so just know all the brown blobs are Buffalos.


The girls were hot and didn’t like the Canyon.


I tried a high density filter on my camera, but I don’t like how unnatural the sky looks with it.


It was a nice day and good for us to spend some time with nature. 

We have also done some work around the house.  I have started cleaning out the garage and my husband got the front yard mowed and edged.  I bought some top soil and grass seed to fix the bare spots in the back yard.  That grass always gives me trouble. 

Today I worked on the front flower bed.  I trimmed up the shrubs and plants and cleaned up the leaves.


I also planted a few Pansies and Violas. 


I put the Violas in a large container I keep on the porch.  I added a little stone looking bunny I have had forever and I made a chalkboard sign using a paint stirring stick and a wooden plaque I had as well. 




When the flowers grow some more I know they will look much better in the container, but it is fun for now to have a little bit of spring in the front yard. 

I will be working on the horrible back yard flower beds soon.  The weeds have taken over back there.  I ordered a small electric bed tiller that I hope helps me keep them under control. 


I will have to let you know how it works. 

Have you been getting things ready in your yard now that it is getting warmer?

I have a funny dog pic to leave you before I go. 


My husband was sitting on the couch loving on Harley and Izzy came and sat on his head.  That dog cracks me up. 


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