Friday, March 2, 2012

Alley Murals

The other morning I noticed bright sections of color on a  fence in the alley.  We have narrow roads in our neighborhood that divide houses and it is where the dumpster trashcans are kept.  Some alleys are paved and some are dirt.  Some garages are accessed through the alley as well.  So this color caught my attention.

20120222-IMG_7505 copy

And I had to pull into the alley and check it out.  I promised myself I would come back and take some photos and share this fun artwork that makes a normally boring spot standout.

I believe music lessons are taught at this house who owns the fence.  I think her students are responsible for the artwork. 

I loved the sun mural.  It is so creative.

20120222-IMG_7507-2 copy

20120222-IMG_7516-2 copy

I think this is a rainbow zebra that is part of this mural.  Isn’t his little chick friend cute?

20120222-IMG_7508 copy

I think this black and red area looks kind of abstract.

20120222-IMG_7515 copy

I really like the spring feel of this section of fence.

20120222-IMG_7509 copy

Who doesn’t like some Hope Faith and Love?

20120222-IMG_7510 copy

I really like Harlequin diamond print so this made me very excited. 

20120222-IMG_7512 copy

Which part of the fence do you like best?  Would you paint your fence?



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