Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vintage Suitcases

I have redone several suitcases and I thought it would be more polite to post about them all rather than flood Donna’s themed link up with several posts about vintage suitcases. 

I will link each photo back to the original post if you want to read more about them.

My first suitcase redo was back in May 2010.  I changed an ugly blue suitcase to green with a stenciled harlequin diamond patter on the top and a coat of glaze. 


The ugly blue suitcase had a big brother which was my next victim.  I did some subway art on the top of that one and used my husband’s genealogy for the words.


You can’t see the hard work I put into all those letters because I stack the suitcases next to a chair.



Then my friend wanted one of her suitcases painted and needed 2 more redone for a charity auction and enlisted my help. 

Her suitcase turned out like this.

IMG_5237 copy

We decided one of the auction suitcases needed to be made for a little girl so she could use it to hold her dress up clothes.  IMG_5249

And the other got a bird stencil put on it.



Suitcase redos are the easiest and most fun projects ever. 


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