Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Dental Office That Dumps Together Stays Together

I got back from our dental seminar on Sunday and I am trying to get caught up.  We had a great time and enjoyed each others company.  We were all very cozy with 4 to one room and 3 to another room.  I was in the room with four.  I bet you think this title means I am going to discuss the bathroom issues.  Well….I am not. 

One of our speakers talked about different generations and their characteristics.  She also mentioned dumping your problems before you get to work so you can focus on your job.  She picks a dumping spot on her way to work and erases her mind of things that aren’t work related and might interfere with her workday.  We all thought it was a pretty good concept.  I keep forgetting my dump place on the way to work so I used my photo shop to make us reminders for our lockers. 

It’s amazing all the things I have learned by blogging.  Learning how to make buttons for blogs allowed me to make these fun reminders for us. 


Pretty funny huh?  Can you tell we have a sense of humor at our office? 

Have you learned anything by blogging that has helped you in other areas of your life?  Do you dump your problems before you go to work or do you need me to make you a reminder?  Smile



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