Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photography Class Week 3–Composition lead to Metering

Our class this week was all about composition.  For the most part I think I have a pretty good grasp of this, however, I learned I had no clue about metering.  Metering is very important and I predict it it going to really help my photography skills.  I thought about writing my own post about it, but I found a blog that explains it better than I ever could so I will refer you to The Creative Momma blog her 2 very informative metering posts. 

Metering:  A Photography Tutorial

Metering:  Part 2 of the Tutorial

When I got home from my class last night, I practiced a few shots using my new metering knowledge.  I chose spot metering for all of my shots. 

Here are some examples of my shots.  These are straight out of the camera.

In this first shot I metered on the area of Izzy’s face that was away from the light.  I like the photo but the lit up part of her face is a bit blown out. 


Next I metered on the lit part of her face.  It would be nice if it was a little brighter and lighter, but I could easily correct this during editing.  What amazed me the lit part of her face didn’t lose any of the detail due to the brightness of the lamp above.


Next I used a water bottle and my computer screen for my experiment. 

This first photo I metered on the water bottle.


The bottle looks great, but the computer screen is totally blown. 

Then I metered on the screen.


It still isn’t crisp and clear, but you can see more detail of the dandelion I used for my background and now the bottle is darker. 

I need to keep practicing and reading.  I hope you feel brave enough to tackle manual shooting and learn how to meter.  I would love to hear how it goes for you. 

I love learning about my camera.  Do you?



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