Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Enough Hours in the Day and a Few Photos I Took for some Friends

At least I get an extra one this weekend.  I need it.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get it all done.  Between work and home life the hours just fly by.  My son is finished with football so Tuesday nights will last a little longer now.  I still have my photography class on Monday nights for about 4 more weeks.  My dental office is heading to Las Vegas next week.  We will be gone from Wed to Sunday so I don’t expect much blogging to be happening.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…….   We are attending a dental seminar, but we will have some free time too. 

I have also been busy taking photos for people.  It seems everyone is asking at once.  I took some photos of my neighbor and her grandson a couple of weeks ago.  Her daughter died a few years ago and she and her husband spend a lot of great quality time with their grandkids.  Every year she takes a special photo with one of the grandkids.  This year it was time to take one with her oldest grandchild, who happens to be my son’s good friend. 

She asked me if I would take their special photos where they paintball together.  I told her of course.  Not many grandmas paintball ya know.  Here are a few of my favorite ones.




I love this one.  She wanted to act like they had been shot so she played dead.  She is so fun.


The following weekend I took engagement photos for one of my patients. 


20111029-IMG_3646 copy




20111029-IMG_3733-2 copy


That’s what I have been up to.   Maybe when I get back from Vegas I can get back to some projects.  I did get one makeover done today.  I got darker hair. 


What have you been up to? Do you feel like your days are just speeding past you too? 



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