Saturday, November 27, 2010

Handmade Christmas Stockings

Several years ago I made my own Christmas stockings.  I barely get by with a sewing machine and I have never used a pattern until I made the stockings.  I struggled along, but I got the job done and they haven’t fallen apart after several years of use.



I made 4 of them.  One for my son, husband, dog and myself.  I made 2 different stockings using the same material but changing the top and bottom.  The green velvet material was hard to work with, but worth it.



Pottery Barn offers green velvet stockings this year.  They look like this.

Velvet Stocking, Small, Green with Red Cuff

Cute huh?  And you don’t have to sew to get one!

I finished the mantel last night and will share it soon.  I tired to get started on my tree, however, I have a middle section of lights out and can’t find the problem. 

Do you struggle with lights like I do?


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