Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating for Work

This will be the 3rd time we take decorated pumpkins to the dentist office where I work as a hygienist.  My previous projects were leopard print Mod Podge pumpkins


and Mabel.


This year I was kinda stumped.  I still have a few more ideas that I may try, but I wanted to share my first one with you and see what you think.  It is simple and dental related. 

I spray painted an orange faux pumpkin white and used my Cricut to make some  spooky letters that spelled FLOSS.  I attached the letters with Mod Podge.   A hole was drilled in the top of the pumpkin for string that I tinted with green water color to look like floss. 

The pumpkin stem was painted silver to look like metal and I use a saw to make a groove into the side to hold the “floss” or cut it if it were  a real floss container. 



I added a spider to the “O” for some fun. 


Too simple?  What do you think?


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  1. Oh that's cute! Love it in white. Any way to carve it so you could make it dispense the floss? Too much??

  2. I love it. I loved those leopard pumpkins the first time I saw them and thought you had painted them. I am so glad you modge podged them. I was beginning to feel very inferior due to my lack of painting skills. I could totally do the modge podge, though. I love your creativity of the floss one, though.

  3. You are the cutest and I love it!! it is to the point and adorable!!!! (I always like white! :) ) I love the leopard pumpkins too as well, very pretty!!

  4. Oh this is too perfect. I am in love with white pumpkins and this is too adorable.

  5. This turned out great! My dad is a dentist and I especially like the floss pumpkin. You should link it up to Sister Sister Sunday...

  6. So cute! I think it would go perfect in a Dentist office.:o)

  7. Cute, sweet, simple, to the point, appropriate and perfect for a dentist office. I love it. I super love the leopard print too. And I super super love the white pumkin.

  8. I absolutely love this! A pumpkin with a message! BUt I must say I am lovin' that leopard print pumpkin, too!

  9. I knew this was yours when I saw it on the party page at Craftomatic. It is fabulous! I need to make one for my Mom's office. She works the front desk at a dental office.

  10. me again...had to comment that my mom's office would love this! what an idea!

  11. I'm a dental hygienist and totally might use this idea for my operatory!!

  12. Alright, I couldn't get over the leopard print pumpkin! I featured your pumpkin on my blog today:

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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