Monday, April 30, 2012

Final Addition to the Front Porch for Spring/Summer–A Ladder and a Stool

I kept looking at my front porch thinking it still needed something.  I even had my husband talked into building a fence wall I envisioned and drew  for him.  Then I decided to see hwat my wooden ladder would look like instead.  Free and no building.  Win win situation.  And I like it.  Triple win.

ladder16 copy

I hung a basket with the top of a solar light on the top.

ladder13 copy

And I put a cone floral container underneath with some faux greenery in it.  Yep I am a faux flower/greenery lover.

ladder12 copy

ladder11 copy

I quickly dry brushed a bit of Annie Sloan chalkpaint in Versailles on the front of the ladder in the dark a few days ago.  My neighbor who knows what is always going on in the neighborhood probably thinks I am crazy for putting a ladder on my porch and painting it in the dark. 

It softens the corner though.

ladder7 copy

If you like the hanging basket better then you can let me know.  I still have it and I am not opposed to putting it back in the corner.

IMG_9645-2 copy

I really like how the solar light gives off a little glow from the top of the ladder at night.

ladder15 copy

I added my little bench I redid to the front porch too. 

ladder5 copy

It’s much easier to relax with your feet propped up.

ladder4 copy

ladder9 copy

Ok I really think this is my last front porch post for a while.  Maybe if my plants fill out and look good, I will have to do one more.  Smile

Oh one more thing.  My little bush/tree has small white flowers on it and the small bees and butterflies like it.  I captured a pretty butterfly photo.


I am liking the butterflies, but the moth infestation we have had the last 2 weeks is a bit much. 


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