Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Can You Do With a Clay Pot?

Or is it what can’t you do?  I am participating in Donna at Funky Junk Interiors 2000 follower’s party.    We get to play at the party.  She asked us to come up with ideas using one or more clay pots.  I don’t know if it’s because I want to be the teacher’s (Donna’s) pet, I am overly ambitious or because I was worried my projects just weren’t that good and I could distract you if I had photos of more than one.   Here they are.

1.  You can make a bird bath.

My bird bath broke last year.  It was one of the first birthday presents my husband ever bought for me about 14 yrs ago.  I have been hinting for another one.  For now I made a replacement.


I gathered some supplies.



I started stacking my pots and sealing them together with Kwik Seal.  I had to stop every other pot and get my hands clean.  That stuff is messy.





I added more sealant and rubbed it off with my finger tip after I placed the pots together.  I wanted the pots to look like concrete so I painted them with the gray spray primer and then I gave them a white wash with watered down white acrylic paint.  I may use the clear coat later.  I really wanted to use the clay saucer that I bought but the size just seemed out of proportion.  I found a plastic one in my garage.  It had a little more depth to it.  I haven’t glued either one to the stand yet.  I may search for a different clay saucer first.  Anyway, I have photos of each one.

Here is the smaller saucer.




And the plastic one.







2.  You can decorate a pot with paint.

I have had this clay pot for years.  I painted it red and added leopard print to the top.  I have a thing for grape vine especially in the shape of a ball if you haven’t already noticed.  This sits on my patio table.


I think the speckles are dirt and debris.  It lives outside and I don’t dust it!




3.  You can make a candle holder.


I just spray painted the pot with some Oil Rubbed Bronze and rubbed a decal on a hurricane glass that I already had.  I stuck a candle in it and there ya go. 



Thanks for looking. 


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  1. Leave it to Tracy to come up with some fabulous uses! The bird bath is genius! Good call on the plastic topper, it's got a great look plus enough balance for the bird bath. So cool!

    The other two ideas are reall sweet too... what you did for that candle is amazing!

    Pet?!? Good girl! :) xo

    Thanks for linking up to the pot party!


  2. the bird bath is pretty and i like the little bird.. but I really like the candle holder, so so pretty.

  3. wow- tha bird bath is amazing! you have always got such great ideas- i love the "patina" you gave it, too. SO clever!

  4. Such a cute bird bath! Great idea.

  5. Great ideas!

    I love your use of the famous Dollar Tree bird in your birdbath.

    How stable is the bird bath? Would a stiff wind be hazardous (should I stick rocks in the bottom level?

  6. Just look at all that creativity going on. I love that birdbath. Too too unique!!

  7. You are rocking the clay pots girl!! Awesome projects :)

  8. That's impressive! We need another bird bath, so I may have to copy yours! I like that it could be as large or as small as needed, to fit into a tiny space that I have. Thanks for a great idea, Tracy!

  9. Wow! Your birdbath is incredible! I will have to try this! You have been making some fantastic things, I love stopping here!

  10. love the bird bath and the candle holder. But what about those great looking boxes there beautiful. Did you decorate those?.

  11. Boy, do you know what to do with a clay pot. I love the bird bath, so simple. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Your birdbath looks great! I love that you added the little bird to it. They are so easy and inexpensive to make too.

  13. Tracy, I love the birdbath, whichever saucer you use. You make it look so easy, I will have to make one too. My cheeeep plastic one bit the dust when the snow crashed off the roof in January. You have some great ideas here. What fun!

  14. Love the bird bath for sure...but the red pot with leopard stole me heart!

    I paint one black and decoupaged leopard tissue around the rim and the began adding other funky elements then put it away....need to drag it back out and finish that up.

    that darn procrastination creeping back in.

  15. Love the pot projects! You'vwe inspired me!! I don't know which one to try first...Probably the birdbath!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love it! The candle holder is definitely my favorite!

  17. What a great idea! Love all your creative ways to decorate using a simple pot! Thanks for sharing them with us at the POPP.

  18. Adoreable bird bath!! I just posted a pic of my store bought ( & NOT as cute as yours ) birdbath today!

  19. I LOVE this bird bath!!! I HAVE to do this. Thanks for the idea!

    I gave you an award on my blog. Please come over and pick it up :)



  20. I love all your ideas. Duh, a candle holder for the small one. Why didn't I think of that? Come over and see what I did with my little ones instead. The bird bath looks great.

  21. I totally love the birthbath idea! I want to make one for myself and my mom! Thanks...love your site.

    P.S. I'm in Texas also.

  22. love the bird bath Tracy!

    great thinking and creating!

    love, kelee @ www.katillacshack.com

  23. I really like the idea of a clay pot bird bath!!! I try to attract all kinds of birds in my yard and have to contend with hurricanes each summer...this would be light enough to bring in when needed.

    My Show n Tell is my finished, newest, watercolor painting...I do hope you can stop by to view it and give me some critique!! Click HERE

    Have a great Friday.

  24. Tracy,
    This is wonderful! You did a fantastic job! I like the terracotta top best! I have an old broken birdbath - I just laid it out in the flowerbed - looks interesting. I may post pics soon!
    God Bless,

  25. Very clever and it must cost much less than those expensive ready made bird baths. I would like to have more bird baths in my yard but didn't want to pay a lot of money. I bet you could fill the pots with sand to make them more stable too. I bet they would be pretty painted different colors.

  26. The birdbath is such a great idea! I love it! And I really like the pot as a candle holder too...so simple, but still so cute!

  27. fantastic ideas! I visiting from t&j.

  28. I LOVE this idea!! I just finished my flowerbeds and am in need of a birdbath for one specific spot, but I wanted one that was unique! I think I am going to make my own using this idea! LOVE IT!! I have added your blog to my blog roll also.

    PS...I am in Texas also....

  29. Are you kidding me?? You continue to amaze me!! Thanks for linking up!!

  30. I LOVE the bird bath! Think it turned out Perfect and also think it looks GREAT in your yard! Thanks for such Fabulous and Simple instructions and ideas! I also like the pot with the twig ball on it....think it would be super pretty with a strand of tiny outdoor white lights! :)


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