Saturday, January 9, 2010

New to blogging. A few things I like to make.

After reading blogs on home decorating and crafts for the last couple of weeks, I decided to join the blog world. I have many old projects that I want to add when I have time to find all of my pics. I wish I had taken before photos, but who knew I would need them. I always love doing projects and it will be fun sharing them. These are a few things I like to do. I like to make fun pillows. Hate patterns. I just cut and sew. The quilted looking pillow is made of sample fabrics from a cool fabric store where I live. It was so hard matching all those little pieces together. Many of my friends wanted one, but it was just too hard to make. I am done with that craft forever maybe. I enjoy using scrapbook paper to decorate. I made the diamond patterned frame with Modge Podge and the $1 wooden frames from Michael's. I like to repaint things to match whatever decorating mood that I am in. The candlestick by the frame has been many colors. I also make jewelry. I prefer necklaces. I hope to add more projects I have done and I am about to paint and change up my guest room a bit. Better go take a before pic. (If you click on the pics they will enlarge.)


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