Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Thunder Jacket /Shirt for Izzy

I never thought I would love a dog that is as destructive as Izzy, but I do.  She stole my heart from the moment I saw her cute little paws on Craigslist.


How could I not fall for that cute little baby?  She has fit right in and become a huge part of our family.  She is always nearby.

iz6  iz5

She is pretty relaxed for the most part.


Until you make her mad.

Like the time I gave her a bath on vacation.


She was really mad that day.  But she really gets mad when you leave her at home.  I had to keep her in a kennel until I learned about the Thunder Jacket because she started chewing up plugged in cords.


Because we want Izzy to hang around


and not get electrocuted or stay in a kennel all day we bought her the jacket. 

This is what she thinks of it.


When she sees me coming with it she runs and hides.  I feel bad that she doesn’t like it, but it keeps her safe and subdued. 

This is Izzy right before I put it on her.  Notice the ears are perky.


Now check out her ears with her jacket on.


Pitiful isn’t it?  All it does is wrap snuggly around her and it keeps her subdued.


The first time I put it on her she didn’t move for at least 15 minutes.  It is crazy how it works. 


It wraps around with velcro and feels kind of like a spandex t-shirt. 


I ordered mine online, but someone told me Pet-Co carries them. 

She only has to wear it 2 days at the most during the week and a few hours here and there.  The other day I felt bad because I had to go to my son’s school after she wore it all day so I left her in the house without her jacket.  I came home and found a chewed Xbox headset, watch, flip flop and chapstick outside.  The things she has chewed in the past are my carpet, a chair, a coffee table, a computer cord, 3 lamp cords, shoes, glasses, trash, etc.  I can’t even remember it all. 

So we are grateful for the jacket even if Izzy is not. 



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