Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once In a Blue Moon

Maybe it will happen in 2015 when the blue moon shows back up, but it really didn’t happen today.  I took my son to school early this morning and saw an amazing moon.  I rushed home to get my camera and by the time I did and found the moon again, it was pretty much gone.  So I turned around and got the sunrise instead.

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And I waited for the moon to come back out.  While I waited I bought a Mum for my son’s non existent girlfriend.  I went to Hobby Lobby and couldn’t help myself.  I am thinking if he doesn’t get a “date” for homecoming this year, then I have 3 more years to use the Mum supplies.  If you don’t know what I am talking about here is a photo so you know what girl’s in this neck of the woods where on our football Homecoming game.  

So anyway, when I was leaving to go to Hobby Lobby I decided to back up without looking or opening my garage door.  Not a good idea.  I don’t recommend it.  It damaged the door, but my husband fixed it for the most part.  It scrapped up my car a little, but it could have all been so much worse. 

We headed out later on to the Cadillac Ranch to get blue moon shots.  It was really crowded so it was my 2nd bad idea of the day, however, we were already there and losing light fast.  The Cadillac ranch is a place right outside the city limits where an eccentric man buried some old Cadillacs. 

It’s a  pretty famous place.  Brooks and Dunn made a country music video there.

And Vogue did a photo shoot there early this year.



Can you believe I have lived here for over 40 years and this was my first time to go there?

I took my tripod, zoom lens and camera.  I set up for my shot and to try and figure out my settings when a man with a tripod shows up and sets up right in front of me.  I had to move and lost my shot and my light. 

Here is the shot I got.  You can see the man setting up in front of me.  He is a bit transparent because he showed up at the end of my exposure. 


He is to the left of the first car.  The lady to the far left was already there when I arrived.  Someone must have painted all the cars solid blue in anticipation of a holiday weekend.  The cars get spray painted with graffiti all the time and it must get hard to read any of it after awhile.  I guess the eccentric man has someone paint them. 

I photo shopped the moon I wanted to get in this next pic.


I did get an uninteresting shot with just black sky and the moon.


You can tell I cropped it, but I think those are stars in the sky.  I think that is pretty cool. 


Oh..I bought 3 faux pumpkins at Hobby Lobby.  So ready for fall.  Smile



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