Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Soldier Meets His Newborn Baby & A Photo Session

Sometimes I get to do really cool things for people using my skills I am learning with my photography hobby.  This week I was able to capture precious images for a  soldier and his family. 


See that cool trunk?  My father in law gave it to me years ago.  It is from WWII.  He bought it in an Army surplus store when he was in the Army.  I thought it was his personal trunk, but I recently found out otherwise. 

See that precious baby girl?  Her daddy had to wait 3 days to see her after she was born which is sad, but his homecoming was on the news and that is just too cool. 

I am lucky I was able to capture these moments for this precious family.  I lost my sunlight due to a storm and didn’t have a backup plan.  I had to put my camera’s ISO on 5000 and get the baby as close to the window as I could.  The sky was full of gray clouds.  My photos were full of noise so I found software to use to remove noise.  I did the free trial and it worked so well.  It saved the day! 

This baby was too pretty to have noisy photos.



She was such a sweet baby and very cooperative even when she got tucked into her daddy’s pocket.  Her mom saw this on pinterest and wanted to copy it.



I saw this one on pinterest and copied it.


This baby rocked the camo.


And the USA flag.


She’s pretty cute in her birthday suit too.



Other than no light (which is a pretty big deal), I would have to say this newborn shoot was so much better than my first one.  I am still embarrassed when I come across that post. 

Thank you Soldier Wiley for serving our country and letting me capture these special photos of your precious and beautiful baby girl.


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